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Why Your Business Needs to Blog

July 1st, 2020

At a time when we’ve never needed connections more, this might just be the opportunity to start writing those blog posts. You may be thinking that the time and energy to write a blog is too much of a commitment, but as we’ve learned in this industry – there are proven advantages of blogging. Let’s take some time to explore how blogging positively impacts your business and how to get started:

Gain new visitors to your website

Who doesn’t love website traffic? People will not easily – or organically – find your site if the content remains stale week after week. Sure, you could spend a lot on paid advertising, or – you could write blogs and save some of that hard-earned money. It all boils down to search engine optimization (SEO).

Here’s how it works: New content posted to your site is picked up by search engines like Google – especially when you incorporate relevant keywords that people use when searching. Google will find that high-quality content, rank it, then show it to people looking for that information. Each time you post a new blog, it becomes one more indexed page of content on your website, which translates into more visibility. Even if the blog post is 6 months or 6 years old, it will still drive traffic to your business as long as the topics and keywords are of interest to your audience. Writing regularly results in an exponential growth of your web presence. As the blogs pile up, you reach more people and gain more traffic, leads and customers.

Each time you write a blog, share it to your social media accounts and include it in your e-blasts. If your blog posts don’t get a lot of likes or shares, don’t panic, because behind the scenes, your content marketing is gaining exposure. If you write it, they will come.

Help your customers & establish authority

Often, the most successful blogs are the ones that help clients or potential clients with a problem or question that needs solving. We all tend to search online when we need an answer or advice, and we look for industry professionals to guide us. That’s where your carefully-written blog comes in. You and your staff are authorities on your business, and you have excellent tips, tricks and industry knowledge to share. Your prospective customers will gain trust in you that can turn into solid leads.

Make connections

Each blog helps you gain exposure; attracting new, potential customers while providing continual engagement for your existing client base. You are building a real community, while staying ‘top of mind’.

Having a community means you have an audience that feels connected to you. They get to know you, your business, your skill sets…and maybe even a bit about your staff, industry challenges or your pets. Staying on brand while incorporating a human touch is important when blogging. Ensure your writing is personable and friendly. If it’s too stuffy or uses a lot of industry jargon – you may turn people away. Think of your audience as your friends, family or neighbours who want to learn more about your business, gain insights, and possibly get the scoop on your latest deal, promotion or service.

Getting started

The hardest part of most new tasks is getting started. Before you begin blogging, write out a list of potential topics. Here are a few content-generating approaches:

  1. What is a problem that many of your clients experience in your industry? Give tips for solving them. Write ‘How To’ guides. Answer frequently asked questions. Debunk myths. Be the expert.
  2. What is new or trending in your line of work? If it’s getting buzz – good or bad – talk about it.
  3. Get inspiration from topics such as: changing seasons, holidays, life events, personal stories, relevant local or national news – your audience will relate.
  4. Write about your business – your vision, mission statement, new challenges, good advice, customer interviews, polls, surveys, etc. Use those keywords like your business depends on it.

Finally, your content needs to sound like you and be on brand. Keep it simple, yet informative; 500-800 words is sufficient for a quality blog. Use (high resolution) images, videos or infographics to highlight your content and gain even more views

As we’ve learned, blogging gives your audience important information, helps improve SEO and your online presence while building connections with your audience. The positive impacts on your business are undeniable. If you need help with your blogging, connect with our writing team at Element 6. We will write and post your blogs for you; we’re here to tell your story…your way.

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